Tuesday, November 28, 2006

9/11: Part of the Hopi Prophecy of the Final Purification?

The Hopi recognize prophecy as a large part of their cultural heritage. Spiritual elders had foreseen many things that have already come to pass. They had envisaged moving houses of iron (trains), horseless wagons traveling on black ribbons (automobiles), people speaking through cobwebs (telegraph and telephone lines), a falling "gourd of ashes" (the atomic bomb), women wearing men's clothing (the women's liberation movement), humans journeying along a road in the sky to live in the heavens (Skylab, MIR or the International Space Station), and the door of the House of Mica (the United Nations) closing four times on Hopi pleas for peace.

Just after the emergence from the subterranean Third World at the beginning of the present Fourth World, a figure known as Pahana, or Elder White Brother, took with him a corner of the Fire Clan's four inches square stone tablet and proceeded eastward toward the rising sun. At the same time the Younger (red) Brother stayed back, traveling the spiral road of migrations, constructing pueblos throughout the American Southwest, and eventually settling in the Hopi villages much as we see them today. Similar to the Mesoamerican myth of Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl, it was assumed that Pahana would return at the end of the cycle to save the righteous people from foreign forces destroying the land.

The following paragraphs are the conclusion of an essay titled "Spiral Gate: the Arc of the Covenant." I researched and wrote this long article in a few weeks in late August, 2001. I was under some inexplicable compulsion to finish it. Then the world changed forever.

Many Hopi elders must surely feel that the world's spirals are wobbling out of control, as the prophesied end of the Fourth World approaches. We need look no further than our ubiquitous TV screens to see that Grandmother Earth is in turmoil:

Environmental degradation on diverse fronts, multiple species extinction, inexplicable genetic mutations, radically shifting weather patterns, more frequent and more devastating hurricanes/tornadoes/floods, global warming with elevated levels of "greenhouse gases," one energy crisis after another triggering "rolling blackouts," increased seismic and volcanic activity, lethal epidemics and pandemics, aberrant human and animal behavior, daily terrorist attacks, oxymoronic "holy wars," the constant threat of chemical and biological warfare, proliferation of nuclear materials, transnational machinations with Machiavellian motives, local political subterfuge resulting in widespread citizen apathy, factional massacres, "ethnic cleansing," mass cult suicides, school shootings, "road rage," increased numbers of paramilitary groups and individual arsenals, addiction to the pornography of media violence or unseemly trivialities, rising prison populations, social chaos and anomie, mental and emotional exhaustion, increased psychosomatic illnesses, religious disorientation and uncertainty, disregard for humanistic or humanitarian principles, widening schisms between social classes causing increased inequities, dire poverty and famine on one hand and conspicuous consumption and opulent wealth on the other, unrestrained avarice and power mongering justified by glib cynicism within a moral vacuum, an almost total disregard for the Golden Rule-- the dismal litany goes on and on, all of it symptomatic of the End Times.

Hopi elders did not need technology, however, to envision what is now upon us. They foresaw it long ago in their humble kivas, and have been preparing for the final Purification.


Is 9/11 just one among many signs that point to the ending of our current global cycle, which the Hopi call the Fourth World? Of course, this concept is not original. The media bombard us 24/7 with imagery of mass catastrophe and death. Fundamentalist Bible-thumpers preach the Apocalypse is at hand. Jihadist suicide bombers demand a worldwide Islamic theocracy. 2012 New Age gurus predict a new era of peace and enlightenment.

Who's right? Did the Hopi foresee our ultimate destiny, only to bide their time while patiently tending their corn out on the isolated mesas of the Arizona high desert?