Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another Orion Correlation in Arizona?

The Tohono O'odham (formerly known as the Papago tribe) consider Baboquivari Peak near the Mexican border as the navel of the world, the place where the people emerged from a subterranean existence. Their creator god I'itoi lives in a cave just below the summit.

This mountain is actually the central one in a triad of peaks. Boboquivari (elevation 7740 ft.) is in the middle, while to the north lies Kitt Peak (6875 ft.), upon which an astronomical observatory is built. At the southern end of the range is Caponera Peak (4885 ft.).

My article "The Great Pyramids of Arizona" describes at similar triad of mountains nearly 238 miles to the north. Humphreys Peak, the highest mountain in Arizona, is flanked by the slightly lower Agassiz Peak and the still lower Fremont Peak. Surprisingly, Humphreys and Baboquivari are on an exact north/south meridian.

Baboquivari: 111.60 longitude
Humphreys: 111.68 longitude

In the article I mention that the northern sacred mountains are the winter home of the Hopi kachinas, or spirit messengers. These three mountains mirror the three Hopi Mesas where this tribe has lived for over a thousands years. In turn both the tripartite mountains and the tripartite mesas reflect the belt stars of Orion.

In the O'odham language Baboquivari is known as Waw Kiwulik, meaning "narrow about the middle." Maybe it is merely a coincidence that the figure of the Orion constellation is also "narrow at the middle." Or considering all the other Orion lore in Arizona, maybe not.